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This division primarily facilitaes organizing of annual meetings and seminars to enable credible forums for research and policy debate in emerging economeis related to issues in social and behavioral sciences. In order to align with vision and mission of CSRC, the annual meetings of the CSRC are held in various emerging economies in collaboration with renowned institutions there. Currently annual meeting namely IRC is held in the CSRC Chapters in Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Lebanon. These annual meetings are designed and executed by the advisory board members - eminent academics and Associate Fellows -  young research scholars from top ranked universities.


All annual meetings organized under this division have speical focus on sustainability issues through conference themes, special conference tracks/parallel sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches by opinion leaders and publishing of special issues by well-respected journals. In order to enhance academic credibilty and policy relevance, this divsion collaborates with top universities/higher education insititutions, reseasrch institutes and renowned international publishing platforms.


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