About CSRC / at a glance

At a Glance

The Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy is an educational, research and consultancy organization based in Pakistan committed to the integration of higher education and research activities in Pakistan and other developing countries with rest of the world and thereby enabling an inclusive community of academia and practitioners. Core purpose is to contribute towards environment-friendly and people-friendly businesses and society locally in accordance with the global best practices. The Center serves as a global forum primarily run and managed by almuni, research scholars and faculty members at Bahauddin Zakariya University Pakistan and Universiti Utara Malaysia. The team of advisory board and research fellows aims to provide multidisciplinary research and training solutions to academia and practitioners and thereby aspiring responsible solutions for sustainable business and society.


Our Journey

CSRC was established in 2015 as a non-profit organization in Pakistan to serve as a think tank and advocacy platform for sustainable business and social ecosystems in emerging economies. Yet on the advice of the advisory board to make the Center financially sustainable, the management of CSRC registered it as a private limited company with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in 2016. Since then, CSRC is serving as a social venture with financially sustainable model by following policy of 'profit with purpose'. CSRC has committed its resources to further research and policy support in the areas of sustainable economic development, business strategy and social ecosystems in developing economies.

Today, CSRC has evolved into a number of ventures in line with its vision and mission, a brief of which is as follows.

  • Research Divisions Three research divisions of the Center namley: Responsible Business and Society; Financial Inclusion and Green Accounting; Environment and Development are currently undertaking education, research, training and consultancy in various areas of sustainable development and business strategies

  • CSRC Publishing  - The publication arm to facilitate publishing of research output through quality research journals independently managed by distinguished editorial board from top universities

  • CSRC Learning - to support research capacity building and entrepreneurship training

  • CSRC Emerging Markets Research Labs - a global network of research labs in partnership with universities and higher education institutions in emerging economies 

  • CSRC Voices - a platform to organize conferences and seminars in collaboration with top ranked universities in emerging economies to encourage research and policy advocacy for sustainable business and society
In addition to academic advisory board, business advisory board and associate fellows comprising of distinguished academics, industry practioners and research scholars from emerging economies to support its administrative activities, CSRC is honored to have more than 300 faculty members and research scholars from higher education institutions in various emerging and developing economies. These members are linked with CSRC as Research Associates by aligning their research and academic endeavors to shape global best practices for issues of sustainable business and society in emerging economies.

Our Vision

To contribute excellence towards sustainable business and society through knowledge based solutions driven by academia and practitioners.

Our Mission

  • To work as a platform for sharing multidisciplinary research within social and behavioral sciences.
  • To work as a network hub of international community of research scholars with global mindset in order to address multidisciplinary issues which are increasingly becoming global.
  • To contribute as enabling arm towards academic excellence and internaionalization of higher education institutions in Pakistan and other developing countries through international linkages.
  • To develop responsible leadership through research training and publishing in academic and research industry that may integrate their research efforts with issues in business, economy and society.
  • To work closely with the business sector for two-way sharing of research and best practices that help create responsible markets and society i.e. inclusive and green.

Core Values

  • Knowledge
  • Service
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork