Message from the President


Welcome to the office of Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy.

As a research institute and business consulting organization with no political sides, our academic team and business associates at CSRC have taken up the challenge of enhancing research capacity and expanding avenues for research and policy debate for sustainable business and society in emerging and developing economies.

At academic level, strategic goal is to strengthen research capacity and policy debate in social and behavioral sciences for sustainable economic policies and business practices. Supporting and strengthening socially inclusive and environment-friendly policies and practices are the binding force for CSRC's gloabl team of advisory board, associate fellows and research associates.

We also understand the value of responsible leadership that would align our today with needs and aspiration of our generations tomorrow. For this reason, CSRC team strives to incorporate sustainability issues and best practices in the curriculum and co-curriculum activities of university graduates so they become responsible leaders in business and society.

As consulting entity, CSRC serves as an action forum to enable and expand socially inclusive and environment friendly entrepreneurial opportunities.  Our strategic goal is to provide technical support for economic growth, trade and investment opportunities, as well as social progress and sustainable development through policy-based environment supporting innovation and commercialization, promotion and ease of collaboration among member economies and their business entities.

I want to stress that CSRC, as an enabling arm and hub, welcomes to build partnerships and affiliations with institutions and organizations aspiring to contribute to collective goad of sustainable development of humans and their social organizations.

Prof. Dr. Hayat M. Awan