The academic worth of a research conference lies in the academic strength and international diversity of its scientific team i.e. conference chair, co-chair, keynote speakers, track chairs, reviewers and session chairs. CSRC and PBS, UPM are pleased to announce international team of renowned faculty and research scholars with the track of excellence to take charge of academic part of 4th International Conference on Economics Business and Social Sciences 2019. Capable yet anonymous reviewers in the scientific team of 4th IRC 2019 have worked diligently to ensure academic quality of submissions through the blind review process and provide feedback/review report to the research scholars.

Heart of 4th IRC 2019 is its mind boggling research and policy discourse, IDEAS 2019, during which keynote speakers would reflect on rising issues and challenges that need to be focus of research and policy in emerging and developing economies. In addition to its policy focus, the event is expected to give meaningful direction to the work of junior faculty and early career research scholars for relating their teaching and research endeavors with real life important issues in business and society.